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Evapolar is the best portable air conditioner and also the world’s first personal air conditioner on the market.  It’s extremely powerful for it’s size and can go with you anywhere.

It’s completely eco-friendly and energy efficient which makes it environmentally friendly also.  It doesn’t use that much energy, but it’s still extremely effective when it comes to cooling.

Breaking down the best portable air conditioner

The Evapolar uses evaporative climate technology which allows you to create your own personal microclimate.  It uses the technology of water evaporation which is the same method used in ancient times.

Most people are confused when it comes to an air conditioner and and air cooler.  Evapolar is an air cooler, but it’s different because it utilizes 100% of the natural laws of physics to produce the coldest air without making it a full blown air conditioner.

Using this technology, the creators were able to make the size extremely compact and portable.

Quick Facts Best Portable Air Conditioner Evapolar

The way we consume and save energy is extremely important in today’s world.  Saving energy is not only important for the environment but also your wallet.

Evapolar saves a ton of energy and is more affordable than any air conditioner:

Best Portable Air Conditioner Ratings

Creating a personal climate makes this the best portable air conditioner

Often times everybody wants a different climate at your home or at work.  Deciding on a temperature that suits all is annoying and cumbersome.

Creating your own personal climate is a much better solution because it allows you to get the exact temperature you want.  Some people may be more sensitive to cold air, which can leave you feeling stuffy or hot.

Evapolar lets you create your own personal climate which makes it just for you.  Keep this at your desk or next to your bed so you can feel the perfect temperature at all times.

Colors Best Portable Air Conditioner Evapolar

This was originally created on IndieGoGo, but it is now available on amazon which means you can order it whenever you want.


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