Car Garbage Can – Keep Your Car Organized and Clean (DRIVE Bin)

The DRIVE Bin Car Garbage Can is the perfect trash bin for your car.  It’s a patent-pending reusable garbage can that can be placed in several places in your car.

This car garbage can is sturdy and keeps trash upright while you drive.  The strap is genius because it allows the bin to fit in many creative places.

DRIVE Bin Car Garbage Can isn’t just a waste collector

It can also be used to store your items to help organize your car.  You don’t have to use it for trash, simply get rid of the plastic bag and it can be used as a container to store a bunch of things.

The sides of the bin are lined with mesh pockets to help you keep things on the side of it.  They are large enough to fit pretty much any loose item in your car that could be stowed away.

This car garbage can comes complete and ready to go

Another great thing about the DRIVE Bin Car Garbage Can is that it comes with a 20-pack of bags.  These bags are waterproof and can hold up to two gallons of liquid.

The trash bags fit perfectly and you can always buy more or use your own.  The bags can hold fast food, empty cups, wrappers and all kinds of trash.

We have seen many creative places to put this trash bin in.  The strap is adjustable and can extend to make it self pretty long.  This allows full modularity of places you can put this trash bin in.  How creative can you get with your positioning?

This car trash can is completely affordable at $15.67 and makes the perfect gift for anyone who owns a car.  You might just be able to break your friends habit of throwing trash on the car floor.

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