Car Seat Gap Organizer

Keeping your car organized can be difficult with so many moving items. This car seat gap organizer helps you alleviate that issue by giving you a full organizational container that will help you organize all your belongings in your car.

The Car Seat Gap Organizer comes complete with everything you need.

This organizer boasts plenty of room in its tray compartment, allowing you to hold things like your wallet, phone, cigarettes and other loose items. It covers your gap perfectly to prevent you from losing items in between that annoying gap.

It also has a coin holder that works just like a piggy bank, holding all your loose change. The change is inserted into the coin slot and has a nice plastic container on the inside, letting you hold your change in a nice confined container.

It even has a nifty drink holder that has 3 foldable modes, allowing you to have a ring to hold your drink. You can retract this ring, so that the base is just there, or you can retract the base for maximum room.

Car Seat Gap Organizer Coin Bank

Car Seat Gap Organizer Dual Side

The Car Seat Gap Organizer comes in many colors and two fits

There are two fits for this car organizer to go on either the driver side or the passenger side. It also comes in three amazing colors to match your interior of your car and keep your car looking uniformed.

This really is the perfect car organizer for your car and will help you keep your car neat and organized. It makes a great gift for that messy friend or loved one.

Car Seat Gap Organizer Different Colors

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