Drink Induction Chiller (Electric Coaster)

The Drink Induction Chiller is a powerful device that’s unconnected, clean, simple, and effortlessly refrigerates your beverages while sitting on your nightstand or desk. Depending on how much you appreciate a cold drink, this electric coaster will deliver refreshingly cold booze.

Drink Induction Chiller has Sleek Design that Makes it Look Like a Modern Coaster

This electric coaster is a high-powered, thermometric refrigerator designed into a sleek and fresh looking coaster. Patent pending, the Drink Induction Chiller is really the perfect solution for keeping or making your beverages cold. It is thoroughly engineered to have minimal moving parts so it could be convenient, compact, portable, durable, and versatile.

It is built with cutting-edge materials and has a modern look that will capture our co-workers’ or friend’s attention.

Aside from the fact that it’s energy-efficient, it is also whisper quiet so you won’t be distracted by the freezing or cooling noise of your beverage.

Drink Induction Chiller (Electric Coaster)

The Best Among All Other Personal Drink Refrigerating Products on the Market

The Drink Induction Chiller is an innovation you never thought you needed. Although there are tons of refrigerating devices on the market, this coaster does not only get your beverages cold, but it can also reach a freezing point for your drinks. Likewise, none of the refrigerating devices offer the right appeal and versatility of a coaster.

The Drink Induction Chiller can refrigerate any type of plastic bottle, soda can, or glass cup. For as long as it fits in the coaster, it will stay cold. It can even keep an exposed ice cube frozen for several hours.

Drink Induction Chiller (Electric Coaster)


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