Electric Fly Trap

Enjoy your patio, pool, or deck without those pesky flies and worry-no-more for a gang of flies inside when you leave your doors or windows open for too long!

The Electric Fly Trap is an innovative way to trap those pesky flies and mosquitoes in a way never seen before.  This unique fly trap lures houseflies in with that sweet, sweet nectar, and then has a rotating arm that scoops them up to their ever-demise!

The Electric Fly Trap is an Easy Bait and Trap Operation

The Electric Fly Trap has a series of bowls around the perimeter of the trap where you can place something that will attract the flies like soda, syrup, or whatever else flies love to eat up. Then just turn it on, and the trap will rotate it’s arm around the edge, scooping up all of the flies that are eating the goodness placed out for them in the bait traps.

After the flies get sentenced, they are trapped inside the container beneath the rotating blade and wait until their judgement days. You can simply wait until their all dead, flood them with water, or do whatever you must do to rid these foul beasts off this world. You can also release them back into the wild, only to catch them again and again if you happen to be one of those people who can not harm a single living creature.

Electric Fly Trap

An Effective, Quiet, Safe and Non-Toxic Pest Trap

The unique rotating fly trap is super quiet, so you’ll never notice it mass-murdering flies if you don’t actually see it. It also uses very little energy, emits no smells from the flies since they’re all self-contained inside the device, and will certainly make your outdoor living that much more enjoyable.

The revolving electronic fly trap is powered via a USB cord that you can plug into a computer or a wall outlet using an adapter. It is super efficient at not only capturing flies, but a slew of other bugs and insects like fruit flies, mosquitoes, and more.

Electric Fly Trap

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