The Grocery Bag Handle Saves Time And Effort

This grocery bag handle allows you carry many grocery bags all at once, saving you time and energy when shopping. No longer have to deal with ripping handles or multiple trips to and from the car.

The Grocery Bag Handle Lets You Carry Multiple Bags At Once

Ever gone to the grocery store to do some major shopping, only to find you don’t have enough hands for all the bags you have to carry? Let this grocery bag handle do the work for you.

Simply hook each grocery bag to this handle, and you can carry up to a half-dozen grocery bags at once! No longer have to worry about ripped handles, hurt fingers, and multiple trips to and from the car.

This device is fashioned from high-quality plastic and comes with an easy release lever.

Grocery 3

The grocery bag handle is a lifesaver when it’s just you doing the shopping, and you need to buy a lot of items. Also perfect if you don’t have a car and are walking home.

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