LED Crochet Hook Set Lights Up Your Work

Change the way you crochet with this LED Crochet Hook set. The LED lights in this set will help you see your work clearly and even allow you to crochet in the dark.

LED Crochet Hook Set Removes Guesswork

Never have to guess again while you crochet–you’ll see exactly where everything is. It’s a whole new experience that will produce fantastic results!

LED Crochet 1

Each set comes with 8 different crochet hooks, 2.5-6mm in length, to suit your needs. These hooks are ideal for all crochet projects.

Each hook is crafted from durable materials and very smooth to the touch. The LED is easily switched on and off, batteries not included.

Your crochet work will soon be easier to do and more accurate in presentation. Impress friends and family with the results.

$59.99 $29.99

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