Magic Measuring Tape

This Magic Measuring Tape makes it a snap to accurately measure even the hardest surfaces. Whether you are dealing with difficult curves or large gaps, this measuring tape is the answer with three different measuring settings.

Magic Measuring Tape Features Large LED Display

This Magic Measuring Tape features three convenient measuring modes depending on the type of measuring you need done. For each mode, a large LED display screen will display your results to within 1/100 inch accuracy!

Use the “roll” mode to simply roll the device over large surfaces and watch the measurement appear on-screen when finished.

Use the “laser” mode for large gaps. Simply point the device’s laser at the other end of the gap and once again, the measurement will instantly appear on your LED screen.

“Cord” mode allows you to extend a cord around the object to be measured, which is great for objects with uneven or curved surfaces. This tool will make you an expert handyman around the house or at the office.

$99.99 $49.95

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