Plasma Speaker (Ionomax) – Desktop Audio System With Plasma Speakers

The Ionomax Plasma Speaker is one of the coolest innovations to happen for sound.  It actually happened years ago, but in recent years this technology has started to become stable.

Creating an arc between two components, sound is able to be produced in a different way.  It supposedly produces frequencies and sounds that normal speakers cant.

Plasma Speakers Ionomax Close Up Connection

The Ionomax Plasma Speakers will be the coolest looking thing on your desk

Besides producing amazing sounds, the Ionomax Plasma Speakers also look awesome.  There is a purple arc light that is emitted when the plasma travels to the other side of the conductor.  It looks pretty sweet in person.

The streak of purple electricity looking light satisfies anyone’s high tech pleasure.  In the dark, it truly lights up in a fascinating and beautiful way.

Plasma Speakers Ionomax Dark Close Up

The sound coming from the Ionomax Plasma Speaker is crisp and refreshing

This is just a phone video, so don’t expect the sound to be amazing in this, but it should give you an idea.  In person, it sounds a lot better

This plasma speaker is made of the highest quality material to make it safe and prevent electrical interferences.  It’s beautifully crafted to make this speaker an every day use item.

The body is aluminum to absorb any electrical interference.  They definitely went through the building of this very thorough to make sure it works for daily desktop

Plasma Speakers Ionomax Connection


Plasma Speakers Ionomax Aluminum Casing

This plasma speaker makes an amazing gift for anyone who likes cool science novelties.  Consider getting a loved one the gift of innovation.


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