Portable Automatic Cable Winder Saves Time

At last: an automatic cable winder that will keep your cables wound up in a neat, orderly fashion.  No more awkward tangles and misshapen roll-ups.

Cable Winder 1

Automatic Cable Winder Works In Seconds

Simply take whatever cable or wire you need wound up, place inside and tug the cord. Your cables will wind up in seconds, in a perfectly symmetrical fashion around the device.

This device is so compact and lightweight that it can be taken anywhere. Be able to freely adjust the position and tightness of the wire.

This automatic cable winder’s ABS material is environmentally friendly and meant for a long, durable life.

If you’ve ever struggled with winding and unwinding cables or headphone wires in the past, fear no more! This handy device does it all for you in seconds.

$29.99 $14.99

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