RainBrella by Rust-Oleum – Keep Your Windshield Rain-Free

Rainbrella is perfect for rainy days because it repels rain off of your car windshield, giving you a clear and visible windshield when you need it most. It’s the most effective way to make your car windsheild rain/water-free.

RainBrella doesn’t only repel rain, it repels other substances as well

This wipe also helps repel mud, dirt, dust and other particles that will make your windshield foggy or dirty. It really gives you a nice clean windshield coat that most car enthusiasts desire.

It’s a Haze-free formula which increases safety while you drive because you won’t be clouded by rain, fog or any dirty material. The kit contains two towels giving you enough for two entire coats.

Rainbrella wipes

Rainbrella is extremely east to use

Just pull one towel from the package and wipe it on your windshield slowly to get a nice even coat.  You may want to wear gloves also as they are included which mean they are probably necessary.

The Rainbrella is the perfect for addition for anyones car and it will make the perfect gift for any car lover.  It’s absolutely amazing!

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