Sony Xperia Touch – First Touch Projector

This Sony Xperia Touch works just like a touch screen that can be projected on to your wall or table.  It’s innovative design let’s users leave cute notes on the wall, display photos, video call people and much more.

Discussing the applications of the Sony Xperia Touch

Sony finally has made the ultimate device that could get it back into the electronics games.  This device is truly one of a kind and the possibilities are endless for it.

It runs Android on this device so expect some pretty amazing apps to be available on the Google Play Store .  Projection adds a whole new aspect, similar to augmented reality, the innovative projector really could have some fascinating uses that we’ll be seeing on Instagram or Facebook shortly.

Sony Xperia Touch Wall Projector

This beautifully designed box is light and compact.  It has a built in speaker and several other goodies to make the applications very interesting. People leaving a simple note on the refrigerator is now an event of the past as the Sony Xperia Touch unveils it’s cool application factors.

The size of the Sony Xperia Touch is compared to the size of a dictionary size book.  It fits perfectly in any place of the house and it’s extremely easy to setup.

Xperia Touch Back

Not many limits to this touch projector

One of the coolest features that would make any user consider getting it is the fact that you can play games on it.  Play guessing games, ping pong, air hockey, and pretty much any mobile game you can think of.  This will open endless possibilities and it could be really useful in the future.

These will also be a huge hit amongst children and schools.  The potential for learning uses and art make it seem like we could be seeing this projector a lot.  Sony has been awfully quiet these past few years, but a gadget like this will certainly give the public opinion a push.


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