UO Smart Beam Laser Portable Projector

UO Smart Beam Laser Portable Projector is a revolutionary pocket projector because it does not use LED or standard lighting it has a state of the art laser technology. This is perfect for projecting in places that hinder light.

uo smart beam projector dark rooms

UO Smart Beam Laser Portable Projector is really state of the art

UO Smart Beam Laser is world’s One and Only FDA-Registered Class 1 Eye-safe Laser Projector and 2016 CES Innovative Product Award Winner. It’s completely safe for human eye. Portable 2 inch cube projects up to 150 inch HD screen in complete dark area. Simply connect UO with Wi-Fi or cables to smartphone, tablet, laptop, pc, media player or any other devices to play video, audio, picture, presentation, etc. Use it on any surface at anytime and anywhere because it’s portable Wi-Fi Wireless & FOCUS FREE!

uo smart beam projector features

UO Smart Beam Laser Portable Projector is worth every penny

Finally, a portable projector that doesn’t require focus adjustment came out with laser technology. Focus-free meant that projected image was never out of focus, no matter what surface it was displayed on. Laser technology also made it possible for the projector to produce vivid colors incomparable to those by other LED, LCD and DLP projectors

There are currently 3 portable laser projectors in the world: SK Telecom’s UO Smart Beam Laser, S company, and C company. S and C use technology very similar to that of an electron gun. One can see through a camera lens, electron beam wave flowing on the projected image like an analog TV. This laser beam can cause serious harm to human eye


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