Wynd Halo + Home Purifier

The Wynd Halo + Home Purifier is revolutionary in the world of air purifiers and air monitor products.  It’s one of the first ever combination that actually tells you what’s in the air so you can clean it properly while also checking if you’re purifier is actually removing the pollutants you want it to remove.

How does the Wynd Halo actually work?

The Wynd Halo has 10 sensors to monitor all of the allergens that could be floating around your room.  This includes things like germs, smoke, pollution and a whole lot more.

It gets so intricate that it has a thing called Air ID which actually identifies each pollutant in the air.  This will give you a great since of what is actually in the air

Wynd Halo - How it works Wynd Halo - Animated Gif

Yes, the Wynd Halo + Home Purifier come separately

For some, it’s quite obvious that you may already have a home air purifier at home.  Let’s be honest, you may not want to purchase the purifier, but you think the Wynd Halo is cool, letting you know about all the pollutants in the air.


This device really fits anywhere.  It’s great that you can mount it to your wall, put it your kitchen, put it in your bedroom or wherever you spend the most time in.

Start tracking your air by placing the Wynd Halo somewhere and watch it go.  You’ll be shocked by how many pollutants are actually in your air.  Other air monitoring systems don’t really come close, that’s why this sensor is absolutely amazing.


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